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  • January 18, 2024
Akash Udupa A19-G, 34 Market Road, N7 9AW, London. +44 7341926115 a.udupa1@lse.ac.uk 18th January, 2024. Dear Hiring Manager, I am excited to express my keen interest in the role at KX Power. I am currently pursuing a Master's in Finance and Risk at the London School of Economics, where I am applying key academic focus to modules such as Entrepreneurial Finance, Quantitative Security Analysis, Sustainable Finance and Impact Investing. I was particularly drawn to this opportunity because of the company’s reputation for engaging in the highest-profile energy projects. The joint venture with Blackrock is of great interest, and I will keep an eye out for its developments. The opportunity to work in a culture that is exceptionally relevant whilst aligning with my personal goal is the perfect synergy. Complementing my education, I have gained relevant practical experience at several firms. At ICICI Prudential, India's largest private asset management company, I analysed the company's products in-depth and undertook client interactions to convert leads into large ticket sizes. Furthermore, I was also responsible for conducting presentations and training 100+ employees. The above stint strengthened my oral presentation skills and helped me craft negotiation abilities while developing my understanding of the markets. As a Freelance Consultant, I worked on start-ups from multiple sectors and executed detailed presentations to assist with growth and profit objectives. Through the above projects, I developed my ability to gather, research, and analyse data to derive conclusions and present subsequent ideas. Concurrently, while at Geethansh Luxpac, India's largest premium packaging firm, I explored the feasibility of new investment opportunities through complex financial models, the result of which was Faursch, which played an essential role in combating the pandemic through the manufacturing of face masks. The opportunity gave me a good overview of the South Asian SME business ecosystem while providing commercial solid insight into businesses' challenges and opportunities. At Teach for India, a member of Teach for All, I connected with industry experts to create a curriculum and conducted sessions for 400+ underprivileged students. The experience was essential in injecting essential interpersonal skills and empathy while connecting me with the local microenvironment educational factors. My technical skills, especially Excel and PowerPoint, also greatly benefitted. I have been exposed to knowledge from Business, Sports and Finance and experienced corporate exposure in several industries such as manufacturing, consumer, education, technology, and so on. The underlying theme has been an attraction towards strategy and problem-solving. I hope to hone and develop these skill sets further. I look forward to participating in the opportunity. Sincerely, Akash Udupa.
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Akash Udupa
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