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Environmental & Social Governance (ESG)

With our core business developing and investing in clean energy projects globally, KX Power and our partners take social responsibilities as a top priority. We aim to create long-term value for our shareholders, partners, and society by helping to meet growing energy demand in a safe and responsible way.


Safety is our number one priority and a core value; we strive to have no accidents, to harm no people, and to cause no damage to the environment. KX Power and our partners are continuously working, embedding and improving process safety and operational risk management across the firm. Our approach builds on our experience to strengthen our safety management, including learning from incidents, operations audits, annual risk reviews, and sharing lessons learned with our industry peers.


How can we adress the global demand for more energy with less carbon emmissions? KX Power and our partners play an active role in meeting this challenge. By advancing green energy investment, optimising with battery storage technology, and converting waste to energy, we are dedicated to making every effort on energy efficiency and low carbon solutions.


We work hard to mitigate and manage the environmental and social impacts of our operations. The way we understand and manage our environmental and social impact is set out in our operating management system, including requirements on engaging with stakeholders who may be affected by our activities. In planning our projects, we identify potential impacts from our activities in areas such as land rights, water use and protected areas. We use the results of this analysis to identify actions and mitigation measures and implement these in project design, construction and operations.


We aim to have a positive and enduring impact on the communities in which we operate. In supplying energy, we contribute to economies around the world by employing local staff, helping to develop national and local suppliers, and through the funds we pay to governments from taxes and other agreements. Additionally, our social investments support community efforts to increase incomes and improve standards of living.


We are committed to respecting the rights and dignity of all people when conducting our business. Our success depends on the wholehearted contribution of a talented and diverse workforce. Our industry relies on creative and scientific thinking to solve some of the world’s biggest energy problems. We focus on attracting and developing innovative and capable individuals, while also maintaining safe and reliable operations. We are committed to conducting our business in an ethical and transparent way, using our values and code of conduct to guide us.

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We always guarantee a high standard of health & safety, as well as a viable excellence of our services and performance to ensure that all stakeholders’ satisfaction is achieved.