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  • June 9, 2022
Dear Madam/Sir, My name is Federico Belnome, I am currently working for Encavis AG, a leading Asset Management company based in Munich, focused on renewable energy. I am writing this message to endorse my application for the Financial Analyst position, The decision to apply for this position is driven firstly by the interest I have in the energy industry, and more in detail in the storage sector, given the leading role this technology will play in the future together with established renewable energy technologies, such as solar and wind. Among the many companies in the industry, I have decided to apply to KX Power for its leading developer role within the utility-scale energy storage sector. I find extremely interesting and fascinating the vertical integration of the company that ranges from developing to constructing to operating and optimizing energy storage projects. My academic and working experiences gave me the necessary framework to face tasks and responsibilities typical of the role for which I am applying. During my previous experiences I improved my financial modeling knowledge, developed problem-solving skills, and effectively worked in an international team. More in detail, during my experience in Pacifico Renewables Yield, given the significant exposure I had on projects I worked on, I learnt to take self-driven ownership on my tasks and developed an independent, proactive, and entrepreneurial attitude. I deeply thank you for your consideration and I am looking forward to hearing from you. Sincerely, Federico Belnome
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Federico Belnome
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